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AMERIDUO teaches hands-on robotics and programming to young students.

Our courses teach students the steps for building robots capable of autonomous movement. We do not simply "show" students how to construct robots, but rather inspire and train them to design, create, and modify their very own innovations. We take an interdisciplinary approach to teaching by merging art and technology concepts in our courses. Students come out learning concrete skills as well as enhancing their creativity.

Our classes are currently offered online using Zoom.

Why Us

Industry Proven Skills

Computer programming is quickly becoming one of the most sought after skills due to its applicability in almost any discipline. Learn languages such as C and Python that are actually being used in industry. Apply this knowledge in emerging fields such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Approaches Of Elite Institutions

Ameriduo is based off of curriculums actually being used in universities. The knowledge gained in our classes can be directly applied to many courses at elite institutions. The depth and breadth of skills taught from our courses allow students to get ahead in both their studies and in their careers.

Our Uniqueness

We have highly qualified teachers who have masters and Ph.D degrees. In addition, our course materials are written and designed by those who have industry experience in their respective fields. Finally, the roadmap for students are dynamically tailored towards their specific needs and feedback


AmeriDuo's mission is to inspire the next generation of great minds to become science and technology leaders and innovators, by engaging them in exciting mentor-based programs that build science, technology, and engineering skills; inspire innovation; and foster well-rounded capabilities including self-confidence, communication, and leadership.

Intermediate Robotics Courses

Arduino The Arduino is a versatile tool for students in all disciplines. These courses aim to demystify the Arduino microcontroller through hands-on projects.

The Intermediate Robotics courses will teach the essential skills for creating a simple sensor-driven physical computing system. In the Intermediate Robotics courses, students will reinforce those skills by building a robot. The programming language used in both courses is C language.

The Intermediate Robotics courses has no technical prerequisites, although it uses a little bit of algebra-level math. This course is inspired by courses taught at Carnegie Mellon University.

* The above video is copied from YouTube to demostrate how Arduino can be used to build robots.

Advanced Robotics Courses

Raspberry Pi The Raspberry Pi is a versatile tool for students in all disciplines. These courses aim to help students master the Raspberry Pi microcontroller through hands-on robotics projects.

The programming language used in the class is Python. The course will cover all of the following: the Python programming language, data representation, computer arithmetic, data flow, memory organization and management, program execution, debugging, and performance. The course also introduces machine learning and Google cloud platform with Python.

The Advanced Robotics Sensors class will teach students the essential skills for Python programming, and the Advanced Robotics Car class will reinforce those skills by having students build a robot. The Advanced Robotics Car course requires the students to have completed the Advanced Robotics Sensors class (or an equivalent course) and spend 2~3 hours per week on homework.

This course is inspired by the course CS107E Computer Systems from the Ground Up taught at Stanford University and the course 10701 Introduction to Machine Learning taught at Carnegie-Melon University.

* The above video is copied from YouTube to demostrate how Raspberry Pi can be used to build robots.

Our Institute

Our after-school programs, and special events empower students to become engineers, programmers, inventors and entrepreneurs.
All you have to do is sign them up!

We are located in Houston and provide robotics courses to the students in public and private schools from 3rd to 12th grades.

  • Robotics can be a launching pad for students to realize their passions.
  • A strong robotics curriculum can create leaders.
  • Robotics can teach students how to communicate across different technology platforms.
  • Robotics teaches essential teamwork skills.
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"My son was recognized for his creativity and met new friends!"

"Great exposure to robotics and the introduction of engineering concepts!"

"Learning how to build and control was the most fun!"

"After my son attended your program, he had definitely perked up his interest in Robotics!"

"This is our son’s first experience with this type of program and he thoroughly enjoyed learning new things."

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